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19-nor-vitamin-d derivatives.


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    • C07C401/00Irradiation products of cholesterol or its derivatives; Vitamin D derivatives, 9,10-seco cyclopenta[a]phenanthrene or analogues obtained by chemical preparation without irradiation
AT90302521T 1989-03-09 1990-03-09 19-nor-vitamin-d derivatives. AT100447T (en)

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US32103089A true 1989-03-09 1989-03-09
US07/481,354 US5237110A (en) 1989-03-09 1990-02-16 19-nor-vitamin d compounds

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AT100447T true AT100447T (en) 1994-02-15



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AT90302521T AT100447T (en) 1989-03-09 1990-03-09 19-nor-vitamin-d derivatives.

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