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    • B65D1/00Containers having bodies formed in one piece, e.g. by casting metallic material, by moulding plastics, by blowing vitreous material, by throwing ceramic material, by moulding pulped fibrous material, by deep-drawing operations performed on sheet material
    • B65D1/02Bottles or similar containers with necks or like restricted apertures, designed for pouring contents
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    • B32B2307/00Properties of the layers or laminate
    • B32B2307/70Other properties
    • B32B2307/72Density
    • B32B2439/00Containers; Receptacles


Un recipiente está configurado para contener un producto en una región interior formada dentro del recipiente. En realizaciones ilustrativas, el recipiente incluye un piso y una pared lateral acoplada al piso para extenderse lejos del piso. Juntos el piso y la pared lateral cooperan para definir la región interior.
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